Powerful workflow tools to transform your payment claim process

Eliminate compliance risks and claim discrepancies with our simple digital process, while delivering unparalleled transparency to your teams. Fewer disputes with subcontractors and the improved accuracy of progress claim data will unlock your teams to get back to delivering great construction work and growing your business.



Digitised progress claims management

By digitising and standardising your progress claims, you make it simpler for subcontractors to prepare and submit their progress claims; making your certification process easier and faster for your teams; allowing them to focus on delivery.


Variations made simple

Centralise the management of variations, providing accuracy and transparency across your project, commercial and finance teams of approved and unapproved variations at any time of the month. Importantly, subcontractors have clarity over the status of their variations to avoid costly and messy disputes.


Immutable, centralised compliance and communications

Every progress claim, variation, communication or compliance document is immutably stored in the Earlytrade Construction Blockchain, as is every single edit, approval or rejection. 

Manage internal and external communications over contracts, claims and variations in Earlytrade’s immutable ledger – eliminating the issue of lost emails or conflicting versions of what was ‘agreed’ on site.  

Full audit-trails available on-demand.


Unlimited custom workflow templates

Whether it’s to support differing regulatory or commercial requirements by jurisdiction or business unit; or you want additional oversight on specific projects, Earlytrade Progress Claims lets you tailor the approval workflows to suit the needs of your business.

Unlimited use
No limits on the number of users, projects or legal entities for your business.
Role-based permissions
Create unlimited role types across projects, commercial, finance or executive teams.
Immutable backbone, supported by enhanced security features, including enforced Multi-Factor Authentication, and optional Single Sign-on integration.
Benefits for Head Contractors
Next Gen compliance
Don’t just target being compliant with the various Security of Payments Acts; actually drive compliance. Out of the box audit trails, subcontractor compliance documentation as well as workflow reminders and automated escalations ensure you can comply within the regulated timeframes.
Eliminate hidden costs
Full transparency across your organisation of claims, variations and retentions ensures you can eliminate lazy costs, expensive disputes, and reduce project delays to protect your project margins.
Win back the day
The digital process typically reduces the time to approve progress claims by at least 50%, while the transparency created by the collaborative platform eliminates needless phone calls to project and finance teams for approval updates.

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