Driving Growth: The Efficiency of Early Payments

Early Payments Suppliers
December 5, 2023
1 Min Read

Amid economic uncertainty, businesses often face hurdles accessing capital. Rising interest rates, unaffordable loans and tightened lending criteria makes it more challenging and affects daily operations and investments.

Early payments provide businesses with a reliable cash source, unburdened by the constraints of traditional borrowing in terms of credit checks, timelines, and costs.

Why opt for early payments?

1. Debt-free

Unlike conventional loans, early payments do not involve third-party lenders, ensuring a direct cash payment from your customers without accumulating additional debt. Traditional loans may require businesses to agree to restrictive debt covenants, adding additional burdens to running your business. Early payments involve no covenants or strict terms, allowing for more straightforward transactions.

2. Accessible:

Early payment programs remain accessible during economic downturns, unaffected by the retraction of traditional working capital solutions.

3. Quick and easy:

Setting up an account takes minutes, and payments can arrive as early as the next day, providing flexibility for businesses when managing cash flow.

4. No hidden fees:

Besides the early payment cost, suppliers don’t pay additional fees, such as admin or drawdown fees which are common in other financing sources.

5. Flexible control:

Suppliers enjoy control over their accounts receivable, deciding if and when to accelerate invoices and determining their own discount rates, offering unmatched flexibility compared to traditional financing.

If you’re keen to learn more about how early payments can transform your business; activate your account today