Dynamic discounting built for the field

Drive construction projects forward with greater certainty of delivery and improved supply chain resilience. Our software combines dynamic discount trading with competitive price setting, automating at-scale early settlements from contractors to subcontractors. This means more confidence and control throughout the project lifecycle.

How It Works
Here’s how to get up and running with Early Payments on the Earlytrade platform.
Step 1 – Set up your supplier portal

Set up your Earlytrade portal — our customised, cloud-based supplier portal and B2B platform that seamlessly connects to any ERP.

Step 2 – Invite suppliers and determine payment limits

Registered suppliers are able to view approved invoices, payment due dates and plan with greater confidence. Determine payment limits to allow for on-demand early settlement.

Step 3 – Strengthen supplier relationships with early payment

Deliver more control and confidence for your suppliers with no third party involvement. Those who opt for on-demand early settlements will be paid directly by you, as their business requires.

  • Customers determine the amount of cash made available for early payment, and can adjust this at any time, you are in control of this throughout the year in response to their own working capital position
  • Funds never flow through Earlytrade, and you maintain control over your invoice processing and payments
  • Earlytrade enables customers to pay their supply chain early, in exchange for discounts, improving liquidity and reducing risk of insolvency
  • It’s an ethical solution:
    • Empowers suppliers to own their cash flow, and maintain full discretion on how and when they participate;
    • Easily accessible and a competitive alternative to expensive traditional supply chain finance
  • Improved transparency and efficiency – Earlytrade enables suppliers to easily view the status of their invoices, driving a ~60% reduction in inbound Accounts Payable (AP) queries
  • Earlytrade is not supply chain finance – No third parties, no factoring of debt, no change in payment terms
  • Quick system launch – Earlytrade can interface will all major construction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) providers, including Viewpoint, JDE, Cheops & Coins
  • Network benefits – With over 90,000 subcontractors and suppliers already using Earlytrade, customers enjoy substantial and immediate utilisation


Boost project margins
  • Increase project margins – early payments attract a discount that improve your project margins significantly
  • Put your capital to work – utilise undeployed cash, at zero risk, to attract discounts that offer superior returns to traditional term deposits
  • Risk management – greater visibility of supplier behaviour and ability to implement risk controls in a timely manner
Meet the people keeping business moving with Earlytrade.
Mainbrace Constructions
Jaco Steyn
Earlytrade is a very elegant solution to issues in the construction supply chain.
Richard Crookes Constructions
David Sharp
We chose Earlytrade because the platform is incredibly simple to use, and gives subcontractors control over their cashflow.
Ryan Abbott
Group Treasurer
Earlytrade allows us to reduce our, and our suppliers’ cost of liquidity.
Why Early Payments?
Our software is designed to keep pace with the construction sector — built for industry professionals, with industry professionals.
Build with the best
Talent retention
Retain the best subcontractors on your projects by giving them greater access to liquidity and control of their business
Eliminate busywork
Streamline processes
Automate everything from contract administration and system integration, to lien waiver management and insurance administration.
Tailored for you
Localised software
The construction sector is different in every jurisdiction. Tap into highly localised features for the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.